Encounter true intimacy with Jesus. Change your mind, your life, your world. Put your faith into action.

To know God and to make Him known...

Christmas Outreach

Experience the miracle of Christmas as you share the love of Jesus in the streets of Hong Kong!

Hearts are open to hear that Jesus is the Lord of Christmas

Local Outreaches

We are reaching out to the citizens and communities of the whole city of Hong Kong through practical service.

Join us and be a light upon the hill...


Want to know what you would experience on a DTS?
Here is a testimony from Damaris who just completed her DTS with us!

“As part of my DTS outreach we got to work with Sons & Daughters. During a late night ministry time in TST, we met a lady from South Africa at a bar. She shared her testimony of how she had been a strong Christian but slowly turned away from God over the years. As she shared, she was reminded of how God had always been there through her struggles. We got to pray with her in the middle of that bar and she was really blessed. It opened my eyes to how God can work in any location. Jesus walked and talked among the sinners and these places need Jesus the most.”
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