What People Haven’t Told You About Being a Missionary

It’s not all bad, I promise.

I know social media has been telling Christians a lot of things about missionaries. Things like how we struggle with exhaustion and burnout; how difficult it is for us to have, in a very real sense, two homes; how long-term our work is and how we often don’t see the results of our life investment.

尊 重 的 定 義

原來,”尊重” 在你我的文化當中都大有不同。

每日穿梭不同文化當中,讓我深信每一個文化都需要某方面的溝通, 需要努力地經營關係。在我們分別成長的環境周圍,我們都會吸收本來屬於那環境的一切; 人際關係,處理事情方式,食物口味,傳統風俗,教育,世界觀等等。

Can I trust that God Won’t mess up my future?

God, I want to give my all to you.

But…what about the plans I have for my life? What about my studies, job, ambitions, family and dreams?