Hong Kong: The Gateway to Many Nations

Hong Kong is a gateway to many nations in Asia.

It is strategic how the city is a “fragrant harbour”, a beautiful city where many people of different cultural backgrounds live and work. Picture this. You can encounter the locals in “cha chaan tengs” (that’s how we call restaurants in Cantonese) eating dim sum, Nepali stores that sell momo dumplings, hip coffee shops owned by Australians, authentic sushi from Japanese families, to even barbacue family diners from Argentina. Hong Kong is full of diversity and multi-cultural people that bring new and innovative ideas to the city.


Languages from all over the world!

According to the World Atlas, 89% of households speak Cantonese, 25% speak Mandarin, and other speakers of Chinese dialects such as Hakka, Minnan, Teohew, Hokkien, and Taiwanese. People from other nations speak international languages: Japanese, French, Korean, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese and Arabic.


Half of the world’s population are within 5-hour flight distance from Hong Kong.

That is an important piece of information when you are considering being a missionary, especially when you consider being a missionary to the parts of the world with the least amount of missionaries! The vision of our base is “to be a vibrant community of God worshippers who reach the lost, welcome in and send out teams and individuals, serve the body of Christ in fulfilling its call to missions”. Throughout many years, our base has welcomed in and sent out short-term teams to many nations in Asia. Teams from many nations have come to serve Hong Kong as well!


You get the multi-cultural experience: East meets West!

As we do missions in Hong Kong, we encounter multi-cultural experiences in our daily lives. Our neighbors, the usual places we go to do groceries, as we visit different churches, whether they are international or local Cantonese-speaking churches, it’s incredible how cultures cross each other. Many students from Hong Kong study abroad for several years and they bring back culture and languages from other countries. It’s a blessing to live in a city where you can experience different cultures in one place!

Are you ready to encounter different cultures and languages? Is God calling you to Asia train in missions in the next upcoming season of your life?


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