Discipleship Training School

A Discipleship Training School (DTS) is an adventure of discovering God’s heart. Together, we seek to encounter God so that He can change the deepest parts of our being and ignite a passion to share about Him wherever He calls us to.

Hong Kong
'Asia's World City'

The six-month DTS is divided into two phases.


The first 12 weeks of the DTS are dedicated to knowing God and growing in intimacy with Him. Lectures, community living, worship and prayer. You will be taught by a diverse group of missionaries, Christian leaders and professionals whose stories and insights bring not only head knowledge, but life transformation. The Lecture topics include: The Father Heart of God, Character and Nature of God, Missions, Evangelism, Spiritual Warfare and more!


The outreach phase (around 10 weeks long) focuses on sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ! We are passionate about seeing the unreached, those who have never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus, come to know Him and experience His love. It is a time of applying what you learned in the lecture phase through an intense, cross-cultural experience.

What does a typical day during the lecture phase look like?

  • Breakfast! – Jesus ate with his disciples so we believe it’s a great start to the day by gathering and sharing a meal together!
  • Devotional time– God loves one on one time with us! We get to know someone by spending time with them so it’s important for us to do that with the Lord!
  • Worship – Here at YWAM Harbour City, we worship God everyday Monday to Friday. We see it as a privilege rather than a chore to gather as a community and lift Jesus high together.
  • Lecture – Every week we have a different topic. Some include: Hearing the Voice of God, Evangelism, and the Father Heart of God.
  • Lunch – Yummmmmm
  • Work duties – It’s a joy to be able to use our hands and feet to bless others! Practically speaking this means cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping etc.
  • Dinner – Yummmmmm
  • Evening activity – Generally, we have one evening off a week. For the other evenings we may do evangelism, games night, research on our outreach locations, and take part in our Community Night!
  • Sleep – Get your 8 hours to be refreshed for another day!
  • Weekends are free most weeks! You can hang out with your fellow students and staff, explore the city, process the teaching, and finish your homework. On Sunday we strongly encourage you to attend a local church.

What does the Outreach phase look like?

On outreach you will get to apply the things you learn during the lecture phase while being in a country that is dear to God’s heart. It’s amazing, eye-opening, fun, tiring, challenging and all for the glory of Jesus!

The focus of the Discipleship Training School outreach is evangelism, so you can expect to have tons of opportunities to interact with non-Christians, sharing the Good News & love of Christ with them. We also love to serve alongside local churches & ministries.

Some examples of ministry include: preaching on the streets, ‘treasure hunt’ (you pray and ask God for clues about specific individuals to talk to then you go and find them!), serving the poor, teaching English, practical services like cleaning, weeding, running children’s programmes at schools & orphanages, teaching & sharing at Sunday services… the list is endless!


Where do we usually go on outreach?

The Discipleship Training School staff & leaders pray and ask God about where to go for each school. One of our YWAM values is ‘Hear & Obey’ so we make our decision based on what we sense God says.

We as YWAM Harbour City, Hong Kong are primarily focused on sending teams to the 10/40 Window (the least evangelized part of the world that encompasses Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa). In the past we’ve sent teams to Thailand, Indonesia, Greece, Cambodia, India, and much more.

How much does a Discipleship Training School cost?

School Fees (Lecture and Outreach Phase): Our pricing varies depending on the school. For further information, please contact us.

*The school fees will cover your tuition, accommodation, meals and transportation for school outings.

When does the DTS start?

Our next bilingual DTS will be in January 2021.

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